Terms & Conditions


1. Introduction

1.1 Welcome to the neighbie.com website. These Terms of Use govern your access and use of the Platform and the use of any services, information and functions made available by us at the Platform (“Services”). Before using this Platform or the Services, you must read carefully and accept these Terms of Use and all other terms and conditions and policies pertaining to the use of the Platform and/or the Services and you must consent to the processing of your personal data as described in the Privacy Policy set out at https://www.neighbie.com.my/privacy-policy/. By accessing the Platform and/or using the Services, you agree to be bound by Neighbie Terms and Conditions and any amendments to the foregoing issued by us from time to time. If you do not agree to Neighbie Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, do not access and/or use this Platform and/or the Services.

1.2 Neighbie reserves the right, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms of Use and/or Neighbie Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes will be effective when posted on the Platform with no other notices provided and you are deemed to be aware of and bound by any changes to the foregoing upon their publication on the Platform.

1.3 Content provided on this Platform is solely for informational purposes. Content representations expressed on this Platform are those of the vendor and are not made by us. Submissions or opinions expressed on this Platform are those of the individual posting such content and may not reflect our opinions.

1.4 Certain services and related features that may be made available on the Platform may require registration or subscription. Should you choose to register or subscribe for any such services or related features, you agree to provide accurate and current information about yourself, and to promptly update such information if there are any changes. Every user of the Platform is solely responsible for keeping passwords and other account identifiers safe and secure. The account owner is entirely responsible for all activities that occur under such password or account. Furthermore, you must notify us of any unauthorized use of your password or account. Neighbie shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of, or in connection with, your failure to comply with this section.

1.5 We may, from time to time and without giving any reason or prior notice, upgrade, modify, suspend or discontinue the provision of or remove, whether in whole or in part, the Platform or any Services and shall not be liable if any such upgrade, modification, suspension or removal prevents you from accessing the Platform or any part of the Services.

1.6 We reserve the right, but shall not be obliged to:
(a) prevent or restrict access of any an authorised user to the Platform and/or the Services;
(b) report any activity it suspects to be in violation of any applicable law, statute or regulation to the appropriate authorities and to co-operate with such authorities; and/or
(c) to request any information and data from you in connection with your use of the Services and/or access of the Platform at any time and to exercise our right under this paragraph if you refuse to divulge such information and/or data or if you provide or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you have provided inaccurate, misleading or fraudulent information and/or data.

1.7 You grant us a non-exclusive licence to use the materials or information that you submit to the Platform and/or provide to us, including but not limited to, questions, discussions, replies, notices and issues (collectively, "Submissions"). When you post replies to the Platform, you also grant us the right to use the name that you submit or your username, in connection with such replies or other content. You shall not use a false e-mail address or phone number pretend to be someone other than yourself or otherwise mislead us or third parties as to the origin of any Submissions. We may, but shall not be obligated to, remove or edit any Submissions.

1.8 All intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered, in the Platform, information content on the Platform and all the website design, including, but not limited to, text, graphics, software, photos, video, music, sound, and their selection and arrangement, and all software compilations, underlying source code and software (collectively referred to as “Intellectual Property”) shall remain our property or where applicable, our affiliates or third party intellectual property owners. The entire contents of the Platform also are protected by copyright as a collective work under Malaysia copyright laws and international conventions. All rights are reserved.

1.9 No part or parts of the Platform may be reproduced, reverse engineered, decompiled, disassembled, separated, altered, distributed, republished, displayed, broadcasted, hyperlinked, mirrored, framed, transferred or transmitted in any manner or by any means or stored in an information retrieval system or installed on any servers, system or equipment any Intellectual Property without our prior written permission or that of the relevant Intellectual Property owners. No party accessing the Platform shall claim any right, title or interest therein. Permission will only be granted to you to download, print or use the Intellectual Property for personal and non-commercial uses, provided that you do not modify the Intellectual Property and that we or the relevant copyright owners retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained in the Materials.

1.10 Without limiting the foregoing, Neighbie does not warrant that the Platform and/or the Services or the functions contained therein will be available, accessible, uninterrupted, timely, secure, accurate, complete or error-free, that defects, if any, will be corrected, or that this Platform and/or the server that makes the same available are free of viruses, clocks, timers, counters, worms, software locks, drop dead devices, trojan-horses, routings, trap doors, time bombs or any other harmful codes, instructions, programs or components.

1.11 For your convenience, we may include hyperlinks to other websites or content on the Platform that are owned or operated by third parties. Such linked websites or content are not under our control and we are not liable for any errors, omissions, delays, defamation, libel, slander, falsehood, obscenity, pornography, profanity, inaccuracy or any other objectionable material contained in the contents, or the consequences of accessing, any linked website. Any hyperlinks to any other websites or content are not an endorsement or verification of such websites or content and you agree that your access to or use of such linked websites or content is entirely at your own risk.

1.12 These Terms of Use and/or other Neighbie Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and governed by the laws in force in Malaysia. Subject to the section on Arbitration below, you hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Malaysia.

1.13 In addition to any other legal or equitable remedies, we may, without prior notice to you, immediately terminate or revoke any or all of your rights granted under these Terms of Use and/or other Neighbie Terms and Conditions. Upon any termination of these Terms of Use and/or other Neighbie Terms and Conditions, you shall immediately cease all access to and use of the Platform and/or Services and we shall, in addition to any other legal or equitable remedies, immediately revoke all password(s) and account identification issued to you and deny your access to and use of this Platform and/or Services in whole or in part. Any termination of this agreement shall not affect the respective rights and obligations (including without limitation, payment obligations) of the parties arising before the date of termination. You furthermore agree that Neighbie shall not be liable to you or to any other person as a result of any such suspension or termination. If you are dissatisfied with the Platform and/or Services or with any terms, conditions, rules, policies, guidelines, or practices of Neighbie, in operating the Platform and/or providing Services, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the Platform and/or the Services.

2. Terms of Payment

All references in these Terms and Conditions to "Recipient" refer to Joint Management Body (JMB) or Management Corporation (MC) or Resident Association (RA) or merchants or services provider.

2.1 The User shall be entitled to make payment or fees for the recipient using various payment methods made available on the Platform. All payments shall be made to Neighbie, either accepting payment in its own right or as Recipient’s agent (Third Party Vendor). Both User and acknowledge that Neighbie is entitled to collect payments from recipients on behalf of Third Party Vendors.

2.2 The terms and conditions applicable to each type of payment, as prescribed by Neighbie on the Platform, shall be applicable to the Contract. The payment methods may also be subject to the following terms:

2.2.1 Online Banking - By choosing this payment method, the User shall transfer the amount of the fees specified by the recipient to a Neighbie account (including any applicable taxes and fees). The transaction must be payable in Ringgit Malaysia. Neighbie, in its sole discretion, may refuse this payment option service to anyone or any user without notice for any reason at any time.

3. General

3.1 In the event that these Conditions are executed or translated in any language other than English (“Foreign Language Version”), the English language version of these Conditions shall govern and shall take precedence over the Foreign Language Version.

4. Neighbie Payment Account User

These Terms and Conditions govern your access and use of the Neighbie virtual payment account ("Neighbie Payment Account").

A. All references in these Terms and Conditions to "we," "us," or "our" shall refer to Neighbie as operator of the Neighbie Payment Account. “You” and “your” shall refer to the User. The Neighbie Payment Account is associated with your Neighbie Account and is intended for effecting payment for the payment of fees and/or services offered by the Neighbie group of recipients by registered Users. By requesting and/or using the Neighbie Payment Account, you, the User, agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not use the Neighbie Payment Account.

B. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to the terms and conditions governing your use of the Neighbie Website and your Neighbie Account available at https://www.neighbie.com/terms-and-conditions/.

5. Access to the Neighbie Payment Account

You agree to:

5.1 use your Neighbie Payment Account only for lawful purposes and in a lawful manner at all times and further agree to conduct any activity relating to the Neighbie Payment Account in good faith;

5.2 comply with any and all guidelines, notices, operating rules, and policies and instructions pertaining to the use of the Neighbie Payment Account, as well as any amendments thereto issued by us from time to time; and comply with any and all guidelines, notices, operating rules, and policies and instructions pertaining to the use of the Neighbie Payment Account, as well as any amendments thereto issued by us from time to time; and

5.3 ensure that any information or data you provide to us in connection with the Neighbie Payment Account is accurate.

5.4 Use of the Neighbie Payment Account is restricted to registered users of the Neighbie Website.

5.5 By using the Neighbie Payment Account, you agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in Malaysia.

6. Registration

6.1 The registration process for the Neighbie Account requires you to provide Neighbie with accurate and complete personal information, including your name, email or phone number (known as username), date of birth, gender and any other information as may be deemed necessary by us ("Registration Information"). You shall be responsible to update the Registration Information to ensure its completeness and accuracy. You acknowledge and agree that Neighbie may share your Registration Information with us from time to time.

7. Account Information

7.1 You are solely responsible for keeping your username and password to your Neighbie Payment Account secure. You are encouraged to change your password on a regular basis and we will not be liable for any disclosure or unauthorised use of your username or password. If your username or password has been compromised, you must inform Neighbie immediately.

7.2 All Personal Data provided to us will be handled, stored, and processed according to our Neighbie Payment Account privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) https://www.neighbie.com/privacy-policy/. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the Privacy Policy and consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Data for the purposes as set out in the Privacy Policy.

8. Neighbie Payment Account Balance

8.1 You may maintain funds in your Neighbie Payment Account, and such funds, less any monies owed to us, will be regarded as the balance of your Neighbie Payment Account ("Neighbie Payment Account Balance").

8.2 Funds can be accumulated in your Neighbie Payment Account Balance by means of a transfer of funds from certain payment instruments we accept

8.3 For any transfer from a Payment Instrument to your Neighbie Payment Account Balance, we make no representation that any of your Payment Instrument(s) are in good standing, or that the issuer of your Payment Instruments will authorise or approve such transfer.

8.4 We reserve the right to impose limits on your use of Neighbie Payment Account from time to time, including (i) the amount of value you may load your Neighbie Payment Account at any one time; and
(ii) the aggregate funds loaded to your Neighbie Payment Account over any time period.

9. Using Your Neighbie Payment Account

9.1 You may use your Neighbie Payment Account to pay fees and/or services through the Neighbie Website.

9.2 You may use your Neighbie Payment Account to withdraw money through your Neighbie Account Balance.

9.3 You are responsible for all transactions initiated and fees incurred by using your Neighbie Payment Account. If other persons access your Neighbie Payment Account, we will treat this as if you have authorized such use and you will be responsible for any transactions made and fees incurred by such use.

9.4 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary under Neighbie’s Membership Protection Policy, you agree that we will not compensate you for any loss resulting from any claims for unauthorized use of your Neighbie Payment Account under any of the following events, as determined at our sole and absolute discretion:

9.4.1 where any such claims relate to transactions that are found to be conducted on your trusted device, your IP address or any other user‐acceptable boundaries;
9.4.2 where you have acted fraudulently or with negligence, including but not limited to cases where you have wilfully disclosed your Neighbie Payment Account log-in details to a third party;
9.4.3 if you fail to provide us with any relevant documentation as reasonably requested by us in relation to any such unauthorized transactions;
9.4.4 where any funds in your Neighbie Payment Account are subject to legal process or other encumbrance restricting transfer;
9.4.5 where any such transactions are took place under circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to natural disasters, civil unrest etc. which are beyond reasonable control; and/or
9.4.6 where any terminal or system (including our or Neighbie’s website or services) was not working properly or suffering any other technical malfunction before you initiated the relevant transaction.

9.5 We shall have the right to refuse any transaction on your Neighbie Payment Account if:

9.5.1 the transaction does not satisfy these Terms and Conditions or the terms and conditions of your Neighbie Account; or
9.5.2 where we have reason to believe that the transaction may violate any laws, rules or regulations or may otherwise subject us or any of our affiliates to liability or obligation.

9.6 When using your Neighbie Payment Account to pay for a fee on the Neighbie Website, payments may be processed through accounts owned by us or one of our affiliates and/or a registered third party service provider acting on our behalf.

9.7 When releasing any funds, we shall have the right to deduct or withhold any financial charges or service fees due and payable to us and/or Neighbie in such amounts as instructed by Neighbie.

9.8 You shall complete any payment in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions of the Neighbie Website https://www.neighbie.com.my/terms-and-conditions/, which may be amended from time to time at Neighbie’s discretion without notice.

10. Withdrawal of Money

10.1 Withdrawal time - Saturday 12.00 A.M to Wednesday 11.59 P.M (Malaysia Time, UTC +8)
10.2 Crediting time - Thursday to Friday depends on Bank's Business Day (Malaysia Time, UTC +8)

10.3 Each time you use your Neighbie Payment Account to withdraw money, you authorize us to reduce the value available in your Neighbie Payment Account Balance by the total amount of the money you entered and where applicable, any fees, including convenience fees, payment fees and all applicable taxes. You can only withdraw money using your Neighbie Payment Account to the extent that you have Neighbie Payment Account Balance to support those withdrawal. You are not allowed to withdraw in excess of your Neighbie Payment Account Balance. The withdrawal of money will be credited into Neighbie's Bank Account during the Crediting time.

10.4 We reserve the right to impose fees to cover the relevant costs of providing the Neighbie Payment Account services to you including those associated with the set-up and maintenance of your Neighbie Payment Account (“Service Fee”).

10.5 Any withdrawal of money during the Crediting time will be treated as following week withdrawal and money should be credited during the next Crediting time.

11. Fees

11.1 We reserve the right to impose fees to cover the relevant costs of providing the Neighbie Payment Account services to you including those associated with the set-up and maintenance of your Neighbie Payment Account (“Service Fee”).

12. Refunds

12.1 All payments made via our portal are non refundable.

Date of last revision: 6 March 2019