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Our goal is to connect you with your neighbors and strengthen your relationship with your management or related parties. You can create discussion and socialize with your neighbors, view notices posted by your management, make payment online and more!

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It's FREE! You can socialize with your neighbor, get help from neighbor, stay connected with your management and more for free!

Stay Connected with your Management

By staying connected with your Management, you can keep in touch with your management, receive important notices regarding your community even if you are far away from the community and make payment online!


Awesome Features to motivate you and management to join Neighbie.

Create discussion to socialize, raise issue, view notices posted by management, make payment and more.

For management, you can keep track of resident's payment, export them as CSV for your accounting software, send notices to resident and more.

Find Neighbor with Same Interests

Ever wonder if your neighbors have different area of expertise and you could just get help from them? By staying connected with your neighbor, you can get help or offer to help your neighbor. We are stronger together!